Posted by: Jamie Hahn | September 1, 2010

Sustaining our dreams

I’ve always been great with beginnings. I’m easily swept up in the energy and optimism inherent in any new venture, whether it’s a new hobby, a house project, or a new life path. Whatever it is, I dive in, sure that good things will follow.

Often, my positive attitude is enough to carry me through projects that have definitive end dates or completion points (e.g. write a blog post or paint the living room). Sure. Easy enough. But what of the ventures that aren’t so clear cut – the ones that are more important, the ones that are close to my heart, the ones that are on-going, difficult, and scary? Well…those are trouble.

For me, these “close-to-my-heart” ventures include dreams of finding my voice and identifying creative channels through which to engage and inspire people. On a more concrete level, I want to write a screenplay that sells and stories that resonate, develop a consistent blogging practice, and recover from a knee injury that is keeping me from playing soccer. There are other things as well, but those are the biggies.

I’ve started each of these with some fanfare – to the point where my grandma is waiting patiently for the release date of my new movie (there’s no new movie, by the way…just a decent first draft). When it comes down to it, I haven’t had the staying power to push any of these forward beyond an initial flurry of activity.

So, I did some thinking, and I realized that there are several things that I needed to start practicing on a daily basis in order to make a serious attempt at any of these meaningful endeavors. I know enough to understand that there’s no recipe for success when dealing with following through on your dreams, but I do believe there are certain things we can do to sustain them. And sustaining them, I believe, is the ultimate key to success, whether that means achievement of the dream itself or the undertaking of a truly meaningful journey.

I plan to expand on each of these in coming posts.

1)      Patience
2)      Commitment
3)      Time
4)      Faith
5)      Love
6)      Resilience

What would you add to this list?


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  1. I would add reflection and perseverance… and a little bit of courage to leap 🙂

  2. I was going to say courage, too! Also confidence, but it’s sort of in commitment, I think. Nice post!

  3. courage for sure!

    for me, it all comes down to smile, breathe, go slowly. this is helping me so much these days. i’m choosing a thing to focus on each month, then looking for it each day. also, i pick a theme for my year instead of a resolution. helps me focus and frame my experiences, and gives me time.

    i love reading your posts, james!

  4. Thanks so much for all of your suggestions. I can’t believe I left courage off the list! Reflection, confidence, and perseverance are important too.

    Kriste — I love your philosophy of smile, breathe, and go slowly. And picking a theme instead of a resolution is such a great approach.

    Thanks for reading!

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