Posted by: Jamie Hahn | June 10, 2010

Create or Die…

I’m a writer who doesn’t write. It’s as simple as that. I have a day job that keeps my mind occupied for 8-12 hours a day, and I have a rich social life that has me on the soccer field, in restaurants, and up way too late on most nights. Somehow I find time to tweet, read blogs, and ponder the meaning of life, but I don’t make time to create beyond that. Why? I have a bag full of excuses on most days, sometimes legitimate, sometimes weak. The result is always the same. “Great monuments of nothing.*”

I have made a daily practice of building from my excuses great monuments of nothing. Wow.

I could beat myself up about this, but I’ve decided to take solace in the fact that I’m not alone. Not by a long shot. Individuals, organizations, governments — we all make excuses everyday. Excuses that distract us from our purpose-driven need to create, engage, and share in an authentic way. Besides my personal lesson, there’s a business lesson here.

How many businesses are spending time on the wrong things, distracted by the shiny little objects or raging fires that they encounter each day? Instead of finding ways to create authentic content, in any medium, they’re making excuses — telling themselves it’s not important, that traditional advertising, marketing, and PR will deliver for them. They — we — are all missing out on huge opportunities by sitting on the sidelines instead of getting into the creation game.

Let me say that I know creating is a difficult business. It’s just plain hard. It takes time. It takes commitment, determination, and a certain bull-headedness that many of us just can’t muster on a daily basis. I get it. I live it. But it’s time to change. It’s time to commit or re-commit to creation in all of it’s forms. We won’t be sorry. Our audience will appreciate it, and beyond that, it’ll just make you happier. I promise.

So…create or die. It’s my new motto. You’ll be hearing a lot more from me from now on…

* Full quote from Steven Grayhm: Excuses are the tools with which persons with no purpose in view build for themselves great monuments of nothing.



  1. Well said. Bravo!

  2. Lovely post – I am in the same boat much of the time. Create or die! In some ways it reminds me of the idea that as long as we are growing (spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally), we are living. When we stop that growth – that creation – then we are essentially stopping the living. So yes, create or die works. Let’s get to it!


  3. Yes…let’s definitely get to it! Thanks for reading.

  4. But what if the perfect project never comes along I m awash with excuses not to use the silk threads.

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